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David worked in many divisions at Bose, and unfortunately due to confidentiality agreements can’t discuss the technical details of his numerous projects.

However, his projects can generally be described as follows:

1- Speech-related Array Design

David designed and implemented a speaker array, tested it in several acoustic environments, and implemented speech intelligibility metrics to measure certain aspects of that array design.
SKILLS: matlab, audio signal processing, real-time rapid prototyping, microphone/speaker arrays, audio measurements, speech intelligibility

2- Real-time Perceptual Modeling-Based Algorithm for iPhone Implementation

David designed a real-time, working prototype that would take a calibrated microphone input signal, perform psychoacoustically relevant analysis (using Moore’s perceptual model), and make intelligent decisions as a result. This included an Objective-C implementation, so the application could be tested internally on iPhones and iPads, as well as human factors testing.
SKILLS: matlab, audio signal processing, psychoacoustics, perception, signals in noise, real-time rapid prototyping, human-factors testing, Objective-C

3- Car Amplifier Circuit Design

David supported several new car amplifier designs, a manufacturing run, EMC testing, circuit debugging, and circuit tolerance/specifications in the Automotive Systems Division. His experience led him to design his own car amplifier circuit.
SKILLS: circuit design, circuit troubleshooting, manufacturing, EE bench-work, EMC testing

4- Product Lifecycle Software Support

David supported a documentation and product lifecycle optimization effort within the company, interviewing managers about their business processes.
SKILLS: product lifecycle management, documentation, business structure/scalability, professional communication

5- Consumer Product Prototyping

David put together and tuned the first concept of a consumer product that has started manufacturing runs and will be released later this year. He measured, tuned, and demonstrated his work for key stakeholders in the company.
SKILLS: rapid prototyping, audio measurements, critical listening, EQ, limiting, spatialization/speaker arrays, signal processing, product demonstation

6- Signal Processing Research

David has been involved in several research efforts to improve speaker array design, automatic room equalization, speech intelligibility, and limiter topologies. He works regularly with systems varying from 2.1 topologies to eight channel arrays.
SKILLS: rapid prototyping, critical listening, acoustics, EQ, compression/limiting, upmixing, spatialization techniques, filtering, research methodology

7- Lead Systems Engineer on Multidisciplinary Research Effort

David is currently the Lead Systems Engineer on a high profile, multidisciplinary research effort centered on new transducer technology.
SKILLS: audio measurements, critical listening, system design, system tuning, EQ, compression/limiting, benchmarking

8- Founder/Organizer of Bose Young Professionals

David created and championed a grassroots effort to support young engineers throughout the company, called Bose Young Professionals. His work led to corporate sponsorship and an active membership, as well as his involvement with the Research management team in developing a new college hire strategy moving forward. David is well-known within Bose for this effort. He is also active as a college recruiter and a technical interviewer for new college hires.
SKILLS: corporate culture, technical interviewing, recruitment, management and leadership

9- Bose Education

Outside of his work, David has taken Audio Measurement and Acoustics courses within Bose (A’s in both, >=97% correct on both course finals). He’s also taken critical listening and music production classes from Berklee’s online school.
SKILLS: theoretical acoustics, theoretical/practical audio measurements, critical listening, music production techniques