David Ramsay Personal Music Studio

David is an advanced guitarist, songwriter, and performer, with highly developed critical listening skills and a passion for audio recording and music production.

David has earned a Bachelors degree in Music, after studying Classical and Jazz Guitar technique under Don Better at CIM. He has also completed a Professional Certificate in Music Production from Berklee. Every day he uses advanced critical listening skills to tune and equalize systems (with a focus on dynamics processors, in particular) at his job for Bose Corporation.

Outside of his education and career, David has been an active songwriter, performer, and gear-nut. He is currently in two Boston area alternative bands, and has a history of diverse performance experience (from big band arranging to classical accompaniment). He spends his free time working with his recording gear and production tools. Listen to some of his recent work here or here.

David is motivated to create emotionally impactful, interesting music- and he believes the way to do this is to combine traditional tonal structures with innovation in form, timbre, dynamics, and harmony. David is also passionate about sound reproduction/spatialization and music distribution. He looks forward to building a world where high quality, impactful aural experiences are ubiquitous and seamless.